Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

I can’t wait.

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one day, wake up, and she’ll be home.

These hearts are not made
to handle such emptiness.
Rise, and refill me.


Okay guys, first meal as I am starting to try out a vegan lifestyle. Not sure what will come of it, but I’m curious! Isn’t that is what life is all about? Stepping out of your comfort zone?

After a good morning workout, I came home and made this delicious bowl of “ice cream” for breakfast: frozen banana, Medjool dates, soy milk, almond milk, and some xanthan gum to thicken :)

Apparently it is so good, my lil baby wanted some too!


uchi cafe ice series: 

濃厚ショコラ&ミルクワッフルコーン ➔ rich choco & vanilla waffle cone

濃厚抹茶&抹茶ミルクワッフルコーン ➔ rich matcha & matcha milk waffle cone